Club Championship Rules

How many races do I need to run?
17 races are proposed for the club championship. You may run as many races as you like and score in each race. At the end of the year your best 6 results will be taken into account for the club championship.

How do I register for a race?
Race registrations differ from race to race. We give indications for each club championship race on Meet-up, please sign up there in addition to the official race registration, so that we know who is taking part. For many races you can indicate a team/club when you sign up – please register as “Basel Dragons”, this will make it easier for us to find the members in the ranking list!

NOTE: You must sign up on Meet-up for your results to count towards the club championship!  There are no exceptions.

Can I decide to enter a race on the day?
Some races require you to register in advance, but many can be entered on the day. Be aware that some races have an extra fee when entering on the day.

Why does the club championship points system look so complicated?
The objective of the club championship is to encourage as many members as possible to train, improve and enjoy their running. On that basis we developed a points system that rewards runners based on two factors: performance on the day (placing points) and performance measured against your peer group (ability handicap). We hope this will give all members the opportunity to do well in the club championship and make those stand out who have really excelled during the year

How will points be allocated in races?
The best runner gets 35 points. The 2nd best 34 points, the 3rd best 33 points….. When more than one distance is available, we will calculate a target time across the different distances using Runners World’s race time predictor and only one ranking will be considered for the event.

How does the ability handicap work?
People in the red group will have their time divided by a coefficient of 1.2 and people from the blue group will have their time divided by a factor 1.4. These coefficients are based on the results from the 2010 and 2011 championship.

Which training group will I be assigned to for the ability handicap?
You will be asked to self select your training group when you inform us of your intention to run in a club championship race.

Which group should I state if I’ve run with more than one colour in recent weeks?
Please state whichever group you believe to be your ‘usual’ group in recent weeks. For example, if a new member has worked his or her way up the groups to find they are comfortable in the black group, then black group should be stated. If you are a blue group runner who has tried a couple of red runs but is yet to make the jump to become a red group member then state blue. A good indicator may be the group you have run with most often over the last four weeks.

What if there is a dispute regarding which training group I have been assigned to for the purpose of the ability handicap?
We fully intend to leave the assigning of training groups to the discretion of the individual. However if there is a dispute, the Board reserves the right to over‐rule the stated grouping based upon the spirit of the competition

I don’t really understand the points system – does it matter?
Not really. You do the running; we will sort out the points. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact a Board Member.