Club Championship Rules

How many races do I need to run?
18 races are proposed for the club championship. You may run as many races as you like and score in each race. At the end of the year your best 5 results will be taken into account for the club championship.

How do I register for a race?
Race registrations differ from race to race. We give indications for each club championship race on Meetup, please sign up there in addition to the official race registration, so that we know who is taking part. For many races you can indicate a team/club when you sign up – please register as “Basel Dragons”, this will make it easier for us to find the members in the ranking list!

NOTE: You must sign up on Meetup for your results to count towards the club championship!

Can I decide to enter a race on the day?
Some races require you to register in advance, but many can be entered on the day. Be aware that there may be an extra fee when entering on the day.

Why isn’t my favorite race on the list?
If many members (typically more than five) want to run a race which is not on the list, the sports committee may decide to use it as an additional club championship race. This decision will be announced before the race takes place.

How will points be allocated in races?
You get points based on your ranking in your age category (% of participants you were faster than in your age category, e.g. 10th in category, 200 participants in category = 100-5 = 95 PTS).  We will use the official results of each race, so your category may vary from competition to competition.

With whom do I compete?
At the beginning of the year (ideally before the first club championship race in February), you should perform a 5 km time trial and communicate your time to the sports committee to place you in one of the three club-championship-groups : Turquoise, Orange, or Maroon. You will compete for the ranking with the people in your group, so there will be 6 champions, one male and one female from each group. This time trial is also a great way for you to see how you improve year over year!

I don’t really understand the points system – does it matter?
Not really. You do the running; we will sort out the points. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact a Board Member.