Running Groups

We have five different groups running every Monday and Thursday evening at 18:45. The pace indicated below is an approximate value and may vary a bit, depending on the day and who’s joining the group!

The Greens
Once you have finished the beginners group, this is the group to join! Runs 4-6 km, pace 06:45 min/km (or slower, group is flexible)

The Blues
Looking for some easy jogging? Join the Blues! They typically do 6-8 km, pace is approx. 06:15 min/km

The Social Reds
Faster, but still social? This is your group to run with! 8-10 km, pace around 05:45 min/km

The Fast Reds
You like a bit more? Here you go! 10-12 km, pace around 05:15 min/km

And the Blacks
Pedal to the metal, 12-14 km and a pace of 04:45 min/km will make you fit for your next sub 3:30 marathon!

We run almost every Monday and Thursday! The details of additional running sessions (Saturday morning runs, special training sessions, races) are published on meetup. On meetup we also post when the club is closed on public holidays!

We run in (almost) all conditions throughout the year.