Saturday Running

In addition to our club nights (Mondays and Thursdays) we often run on Saturday mornings. The details for these runs are published on meetup.

The distance is normally over 12km and the pace approximately 5:15-5:45 min/km (sometimes faster, sometimes slower, depending on the route and conditions). Please familiarise yourself with the route beforehand if you think you may not be able to keep up with the group.

We leave at 9:30 am sharp. We usually meet somewhere in town, always close to a tram/train stop. Since we don’t run from the club house, we cannot use the club house facilities (no changing rooms, no showers, no storage).

The routes are chosen to take us out of town, so be prepared for some muddy trails, bring water and carry ID if we run in France or Germany.

We run in (almost) all conditions throughout the year.

Please sign up for these runs on meetup. Non-members of Basel Dragons Running Club are welcome to join for a trial run.