New To Running

If you are new to running, or you are coming back to running after a break, you may be wondering if the Club is for you.

On each of our running evenings we have five groups which run at different paces and cover different distances – see the Running Groups section for details.

Our slowest group (Green) runs approximately 5 – 6 km at a pace of around 6:45 min/km (runs in this group therefore last for approx. 35-40 minutes). In order to enjoy running with us we recommend that you are able to run at least this distance/time before joining. From there our club members will offer you plenty of support to further improve your running if you wish.

If you are just starting out running and think you’re not yet ready, there are a number of guides on the internet that can help – in particular we recommend “Couch to 5K” programmes (available online and as apps) which provide a structured programme to go from zero running to 5k over 8-10 weeks.

For those who haven’t run with a club before, there are lots of advantages to join– encouragement and motivation from being in a group (especially on cold evenings or after a tough day at work), organised training, participation in events and races, and most importantly, socialising with other club members during and after the runs.

We hope you’ll join us!