Social Events

Running is one of the things we care about, socialising the other! We organise various events:

Thursday Dinner
Almost every Thursday many of us meet at a chosen restaurant near the club for dinner!

Christmas/New Year party
One of our biggest events, usually scheduled in mid-January. Come along with your partner and friends to dance and have fun!

Summer BBQ
We celebrate summer outside!

Dragons birthday party
The second big event at our club, happening in Spring. Dancing and fun!

And many more…
After-race BBQs, cross-country skiing, quiz nights, Rhine swimming, hiking, bowling, or Pub Crawls… it’s all on meetup!

Basel is a great location for exploring Switzerland and neighbouring countries near and far. Dragons like to fly so we regularly organize weekend trips for many different reasons including, training on the many trails Switzerland has to offer, city races inside and outside of Switzerland or even for winter sports. You may have seen some dragons running at half marathons and marathons in Vienna, Rome, Freibourg, Paris, Manchester, running along the Hardergrat or flying down the snowy hills of St Moritz.